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Jodie & Amelia

Thank you! I appreciate your time in stopping by to learn about us and the art Amelia helped me to create. 

Like many of you, I have a special heart connection with my girl Amelia. In our fast and strong bond together, the art I created, quickly became about making memories with her. 

Starting out my career, I worked in theatre props production and set painting. This gave me a great background in working in many mediums to create unique pieces. 

Amelia came into my life in 2009. Sadly, she past away in my arms just before her 12th birthday. The world is still a large adjustment to navigate without her physically with me. We were always two peas in a pod that were seldom seen without the other. Because of her, I do what I do today. Everything I've created started because of her inspiration.

I love helping people who love their fur family create lasting memories. 

The world is its best place with our animal loves! 

Jodie (& Amelia)

(above photo credit: Geoff Shaw Photography) 

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